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Limousine Service

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Terms and conditions


- We are not responsible for delays caused by accident, fire, earthquake, road construction or any other circumstance beyound our control.

- Cleaning/repair fees may apply in the event of damage to the seats, carpets or other parts of the vehicle. A cleaning/repair receipt will be provided and it will be billed to the customer.

- We do not provide child safety seats. Parents or guardians of children are responsible for providing and installing proper child safety seats in accordance to the law.

- Smoking or consuming alcoholic beverages is not allowed. Alcoholic beverage consumption is only allowed in vehicles equipped with a divider between the driver and passengers.

- Firearms, explosives and fireworks are prohibited inside our vehicles.

‚Äč- Livonia Black Car or any of its affiliates are not liable and will not assume resposibility for lost or misplaced personal property. Please check that you have all your belongings before exiting a vehicle.

Cancellation and No-Show policy

Reservations will be charged at full price if the cancellation occurs:

  • Sedans: less than 2 hours prior to pickup time
  • SUVs: less than 24 hours
  • Stretch Limousines: less than 6 days
  • Vans and Minibuses: less than 48 hours

A no-show is charged when the passenger is unable to reach the pickup location and there is no authorized waiting time. For point-to-point and airport transfers (not originating from the airport) a no-show is considered if there is no communication from the passenger 30 minutes after the pickup time. Trips originating in the airport are charged a no-show one hour after the plane has arrived at the gate or two hours for international flights.

No-shows are charged as the base rate of the trip plus applicable waiting time. For hourly reservations the no-show fee will be equal to the number of minimum hours multiplied by the rate for the specfic vehicle. Gratuity is not charged.